Home Health Aide

Certified nurse aides are available to assist with bathing, hygiene tasks, bed linen changes and other personal needs supervised by a registered nurse

Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapists provide specialized programs for improved ambulation and gait training
Prosthesis and medical equipment use training for prescribed therapeutic programs and increased mobility

Speech Therapy

Licensed Speech Therapists assist with a program of speech and language instruction to improve and restore communicative skills lost due to illness, accidents or developmental problems

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists provide adaptive equipment, assessment and training.
Cognitive/perceptual and sensory motor activities
Reality orientation and visual perception training
Assist individuals in increasing and maintaining independence in activities of daily living

Medical Social Work

Licensed Social Service workers provide counseling and assistance with problems related to care in the home as well as support obtaining essential community and economic resources

Medical Equipment and Supplies

A home health representative will coordinate medical equipment and supplies as necessary to meet the patient’s treatment goals. These supplies may include such items as: hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers,crutches, canes, oxygen, breathing equipment and other medical supplies.

Who Qualifies for Home Health?

Any individual who is home bound (i.e.: requires considerable effort/supervision to leave the home), and requires skilled nursing services or physical therapy. Individuals who have private insurance or funds available are eligible upon authorization of the insurance provider.
Referrals are made by calling the office at 713.868.6198